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Handsome Dogs Get Adopted Quicker

bow tie
Credit: YouTube

A New Jersey teenager is helping shelter dogs and cats get adopted one homemade bow tie at a time.

In 2017, two years after Sir Darius began making his own bow ties,

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma struck Texas and Florida.

Sir Darius saw the damage through a telethon and asked his mother if they could

send money to help the families who were impacted.

Mom didn’t have extra money for a donation so she encouraged him to get creative.

Sir Darius began to make 10 to 15 bow ties a week, he thought if the dogs were wearing a tie,

they would be more likely to be adopted.

Sir Darius makes the majority of the bow ties on the weekend, so it doesn’t interfere with his school work.

The more bow ties he donated, the more demand came from shelters wanting them.

“I want to help as many dogs as I possibly can and to continue to give back to others,”

Sir Darius said. “I want to inspire the youth to give back to the community as well, and use your passion to help others.”

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