Enough About It Is Meant To Be

We easily throw out platitudes and sayings that are truly hurtful more that helpful. They may make us feel better but usually the person who is suffering is hurt even more by our carelessness.

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Support PAWS and Help Dogs and Cats Find a Home

PAWS – Progressive Animal Welfare Society-- an incredible nonprofit organization, helping animals, but making a difference in people's lives, and the community. Join them for PAWSwalk on Saturday, September 7, from 8:00 am - noon at Warren Magnuson Park on Lake Washington.

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Let’s Take Better Care Of Each Other [Podcast]

This week, the crew discusses everything from why AJ is in hot water with his HOA to Laurie's version of Wedding Crashers (except it's at a kids birthday party) to touching base on all the tragedies that have been happening lately and the simple things WE can do to help.

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