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Everett~Worst Traffic City In U.S.

Traffic jam in Los Angeles
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Commuters in Everett spent more time stuck in traffic last year than anywhere in the U.S.

The finding, which probably doesn’t surprise anyone who commutes through

Snohomish County, came from a global study by Kirkland based INRIX Inc.

The study also found that the city of Seattle was ranked the

ninth-most congested urban area in the nation.

The study analyzed data from 300 million sources

covering 5 million miles of road.

Everett’s No. 1 status turned up when researchers ranked the amount of time

commuters spent trying to get in or out of a city.

The data showed that commuters in the Everett area spent 28

percent of their time in gridlock

while trying to get in or out of the city.

That was twice as high as New York City, which had 14 percent gridlock.


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