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Zoo, Booze, Monkeys… Problem is? There Were NO Monkeys

Ring-tailed Lemur Family On The Grass.
Credit: BigStockPhoto

The role of Florida man is now being played by Massachusetts man!  A 52 year old was arrested after breaking into a zoo to “see the monkeys”.

Who doesn’t want to see some monkeys after a few too many “Buddy L’s”?

Problem is:  They weren’t monkeys… they were lemurs.  I’m sorry… this is Massachusetts.  It’s pronounced “Leeee-muhs”.  Hey Ma!  Sorry Ma!  I wanted to hang out with the leemuh’s Ma!

How did they catch this genius?  He got stuck halfway out to Leemuh Island and had to ditch his wet clothes, complete with wallet and all identifying information.

I’m sorry… I know I shouldn’t laugh.  But there are some things you just can’t help!