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Your Pets and “Smart” Homes–What You Need to Know

With 47% of millennials that have smart home products in their homes, it comes as no shock that the smart home industry is on the rise. With endless smart home products being available to homeowners in 2019, such as smart locks, cameras, and other useful devices that incorporate your smartphone, a smart home can do wonders for families who have a pet or two in the house–but there are things to be aware of and keep in mind when it comes to your pets and a smart home.

Great tech inventions for homes

It goes without saying that technology is advancing more and more, and what it brings to the world can be quite amazing. When most people think of the words “smart home” the phrases “futuristic” and “techy” might come to mind. This is because inventions such as smart locks and smart security are gaining popularity–and for good reason. Smart security can bring homeowners peace of mind when they’re away, as smart security involves the use of cameras that can link to the homeowner’s smartphone–enabling you to watch over your home when away.

But that’s not all.

Other smart home inventions allow you to control things in your home from afar, such as opening the garage door, turning on and off lights, and even locking and unlocking your front door. These inventions are not only great for homes with children, but for homes with pets as well. With smart home automation, you can easily keep an eye on your dog or cat, just in case they decide to cause mayhem while you’re not present. Monitoring your pets can ensure they don’t get into anything they’re not supposed to, but can also alert you should something urgent happen.

A smart home for your pets?

Believe it or not, smart home automation can make life easier when it comes to your pets as well. Inventions in smart home automation have made it easier than ever to monitor and care for your pets when you’re away. Electronic feeders and treat dispensers can ensure your furry friends don’t miss a meal. Other notable inventions such as the electronic pet door can let your dogs or cats inside or outside, which can be especially helpful if you don’t have time to stop by the house on your way to drop your kids off to soccer practice. There are even some devices that allow you to talk to your dog through a speaker when you’re not present–which can come in handy should your dog need to be verbally corrected when you’re away.

While these all seem helpful, there are some things to keep your eye out for when it comes to home automation and your pets.

The cons

While smart home devices are meant to improve our lives, some of them might not be ideal when it comes to your pets. Those round floor cleaning robots are great at sweeping up all that pet hair, dirt, and food crumbs, but they might stress some pets out. In fact, any significant change in your house may or may not involve an adjustment period for your pet, as new technologies might frighten them. Instead of installing a bunch of new home automation at once, slowly introducing each product into your home can be a great way for them to adjust and adapt to the new environment.

Smart home automation is one of the many great things when it comes to the future of technology. Inventions such as smart locks and pet feeders can be extremely useful, but introducing home technology slowly can better help your pets to adjust, as new environments can cause stress and anxiety.

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