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Your FAVORITE Song…Right now?

“What’s your favorite song?”

I don’t know if this question is asked of you at the same frequency it’s asked of me.

For me, it’s asked so often, I nearly always have an answer ready. (And a blow-off answer that involves a classic choice. No one can REALLY fault me for not having a favorite new song. I can always claim my expectations are SOOOOO high nothing is impressing  me right now.)

It’s a heavy question for me…and a music person, in general. Although there’s  no wrong answers, there are a handful of REALLY right-ones with the potential to permanently alter someone’s opinion.

In a perfect world, MY answer is an artist/song you’ve  either “heard of” or “heard” exactly once.

I can’t be TOO out-there. TOO vanilla. TOO exclusive. TOO main-stream. TOO inside-joke.  It’s a narrow lane, man. Especially considering I LIKE a lot of music. But there can only be ONE FAVORITE.

Do you feel the pressure?

Have you noticed I’m not answering the question?

That’s on purpose. I don’t know you. I don’t know what you’re ready to hear. I don’t know what “New” means to you. Maybe I have a little PTSD after being called, “Too hip for the room” one too many times. It’s a brutal judgement. Liking a song that’s too-new makes you too ahead of the curve to be trusted as “relevant and relatable”. ALMOST as bad, the reverse, an answer too main-stream and I’m forever off someone’s mental list of prospective “taste-makers”. 

I’m guilty of being judgmental. I get it. A “Favorite Song” could say A LOT about someone. But you know what? If it feels good…Listen to it! That’s what it’s all about. At least, it should be…Right?

And I promise…whether you’re wearing a Billie Eilish, Billie Holiday or Billie ________(artist I’ve never heard of) T-shirt on your social media profile, I’ll want to be friends with you!

Although, to be REALLY good friends with me…You must at least like dogs 😉




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