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You shouldn’t actually make your bed in the morning — here’s why

We all do it. We stumble out of bed, get our morning started, head to work, and feel guilty about leaving our bedrooms a mess, with clothes on the floor and sheets all crumpled up on the unmade bed. Well, don’t beat yourself up — new scientific evidence reveals that you’re actually better off not making your bed, and it’s all because of about this guy:

Credit: Eraxion |
Credit: Eraxion |

Yup, that’s a dust mite, and there are like a million and a half of them hanging out in your bed. Icky, I know, but true. They produce allergens (which is a fancy word that means “dust mite poop”) that can contribute to allergies, asthma, and all kinds of other respiratory issues. They like being trapped all cozy under your covers, and they don’t like light and air. So it makes sense that if you leave your covers pulled back during the day, the fresh air and light will help dehydrate those little creatures and make things nicer in your bed. That’s the theory, anyway.

So leave your unmade bed as it is guilt-free and enjoy your day.

Read the whole story, which goes into details that are quite a bit grosser than what I’ve shared, by going here.

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