cell phone dirtier than toilet
Credit: BigStockPhoto

You put that thing next to your face!

Everywhere you go these days you’ll see people on their phones; let’s be honest, you’re probably on yours too… But, did you know that your “can’t live without” cellphone is dirtier than a toilet? We’ll let you take a minute to grab a wipe and clean that sucker off!

Ok, now that we’ve all composed ourselves and sanitized those handheld germ boxes, let’s look a little more into this:

After polling a thousand UK adults, Insurance2go found that only one in 20 clean their phones every six months or less.

See the bacteria that accumulated on them HERE!

The firm’s “testing found that smartphone screens harbored the highest amount of bacteria, yeast and mold, with 254.9 units of infection present per cm2.”

To put that into perspective, on average, each device had 84.9 units of infection whilst the average toilet seat contains about 24 units. An office keyboard and mouse has five. Yep. That’s pretty gross!

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