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There are a few things that are REDICULOUSLY obvious about me. In person, on the radio and in the curated-façade that is social media:

  • DOGS
  • YOGA

Give me one of those three things, and I’m a happy camper. Combine them, and I’d challenge you to hand me a drug more joy-inducing. 

Presenting: PUPPY YOGA SUNDAY with Bravepup & Strive & Uplift!

Tickets are $30. with 85% of the proceeds benefitting the charity.

A couple years ago, I connected with Bravepup. I was flying home to NJ and wanted to bring back an East Coast pup who would otherwise have been at-risk for euthanasia. If you’re unacquainted with the shelter systems outside of the PNW, it’s heart-breaking. HOWEVER, through transfers and many dedicated volunteers it’s getting better! 

This is Shadow, the pup from that trip:

I could go on and on and on about how great Bravepup is…

Instead I’ll save the proverbial Thousand Words and let the photo of Shadow all-grown-up in her forever-home speak for itself:

Photo Credit: Shadow’s Parent & Bravepup

See you Sunday for Puppy Yoga? 



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HI! I have a dog who sleeps in a cat tree and a cat who comes when he's called. I'm fueled by coffee, music & optimism. Things like yoga and gardening fill my warm weather weekends. I strongly believe that mini golf IS a sport, words are weapons and beauty exists in the spaces between definition. Ask me anything...Except regarding Fight Club...I won't talk about Fight Club.