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Year of the Rabbit~Power of the Bunny

Cuddly Furry Rabbit Bunny Sitting And Lying Down Sleep Together

Business is booming at a luxury bunny resort in Hong Kong as China rings in the Year of the Rabbit.

Bunny Style, a place where rabbits are pampered with parties, spa treatments, exercise and countless carrots, is completely booked for the Lunar New Year, owner Donna Li told HuffPost.

The fee to board is around $15 a night, which includes half an hour of supervised playtime. Beauty treatments cost extra.

Owners are also provided with access to a live stream and video clips so they can check on their bunnies from afar.

When she launched Bunny Style in June, it consisted of just a playroom where the animals could cool down from the city’s hot and humid temperatures.

“To begin with, my idea was mainly about setting up a safe indoor play space with a suitable temperature for rabbits,” she explained.

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