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Did ya catch the big Bachelorette news?

Did you catch the big news about the Bachelorette last night?  Your next Bachelorette is Rachel! She’s making history for a couple reasons, she is the first black woman to be named Bachelorette and, oh yeah, she’s still technically on the Bachelor!  Last night’s episode left off with Corrine, Vanessa, Raven and Rachel still vying for Nick’s heart as they get ready to take him home to meet their parents!  I’m gonna guess it doesn’t go well for Rachel on the hometown date!



Adele kind of predicted her mishap at this year’s Grammy’s a year ago on Ellen!  Following her performance at last year’s Grammy’s, Adele talked with Ellen about what she would do if there was ever another audio or technical problem… See what she had to say HERE!

Mariah Carey will be performing for the first time since her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance.  Mariah will be live (ish) on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night to perform her new song.  You’d better believe we will be tuning in!


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