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Would you try “Uber for kids?”

You know how it is when you’re a busy parent. Sometimes you just can’t get your schedule to work out when you need to get your kid to soccer practice or a piano lesson after school, and you can’t find another parent to share the carpool duties. That’s where HopSkipDrive comes in, and they’re serious about getting kids where they need to be when their parents can’t quite get it done.

Here’s how Geekwire explains it:

The company, founded by two mothers, helps kids get from A to B with thoroughly vetted drivers and a smartphone app. It works like Uber or Lyft, but is designed for children ages 7 and up.

Parents can book a pre-arranged ride for $20, with additional fees for extra distance and duration. They can see short bios and a picture for a given driver, and HopSkipDrive provides a code word for the ride so kids know they are getting in the right vehicle. Parents can also track the rides in real time and contact the driver through the app.

Drivers must pass a 15-point certification process, be TrustLine certified, have at least five years of child care experience, and pass background checks.

So far, HopSkipDrive is just operating in and around Los Angeles; here’s a TV news story showing how it works:

According to the Geekwire article, the startup just got some funding to the tune of $3.9 million, which should help them expand and promote their service. Sounds like a natural for Seattle, especially because it’s powered by moms, not just some random tech guys.

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