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Work, Sleep, Weight Gain and Happiness [The greatest MSN article ever]

I read this MSN article over the weekend:

“17 Seriously Disturbing Facts About Your Job” 

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It is so good, I spent HOURS talking to my boyfriend about how great it was.

THEN…I spent HOURS trying to find it again. Success. Phew.

Also, WTH Google?! Where’s a girl’s search history when she needs it?

Here’s why I love this article:

  • It’s not ONE study. The internet is a funky place. There are an infinite number of one-off studies to suit anything. Like…Did you know 87% of people have “No Passion” for their jobs?
  • It’s not JUST work related, they touch on how your job can impact personal relationships, weight and sleep.
  • I learned a new word: Karoshi. It means “Death from overwork.” Essentially work induced heart attack, or a cumulative stress + starvation. Many of us don’t directly equate work with death. (I’m faster to blame myself for my physical problems.) But, there’s a real connection when you’re spending SO much of your life at work. (Again, maybe that’s obvious to YOU. I tend to blame MYSELF for not waking up early to meal-prep and eating terrible food from the vending machine at work rather than blame the job for taking those hours from my life.)
  • I connected with the idea that 40% of Millennials don’t feel comfortable taking vacation. (Compared to only 18% of Baby Boomers.)
  • I loved the part about technology blurring the lines of work and play. (As a Millennial, I feel VERY responsible for social media. In part, because I use it more than some of my coworkers. I think answering the 3am message is important. If the notification wakes me up, I DO answer it.)

Have I convinced you to read it? Honestly, I’d just copy and paste the whole thing here if it wasn’t plagiarism. 

Hopefully, like me, you’re one of the 13% who loves their work. And if you’re not…FIND your passion. 

Hopefully, you’re NOT like me, regarding vacation guilt. I’m still not sure how I feel about it though. I mean, I LOVE my job. MOST of the time, I’d rather be here than on vacation. Unless I’m planning something extravagant, I NEVER just want to take a day off for nothing.






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