Credit: Heather Lee

Womxn’s March Seattle

I was one of the 175,000 who marched through downtown Seattle Saturday. When combined with the 600+ marches spanning the globe, the estimated number is close to 5 million.

It was a powerful and historic display of unity. I cried as 2 bald eagles circled above us, keeping pace for hours.

Whether it was the signs being carried or the messages displayed on clothing, it was clear that everyone was there for a different reason. Yet, we marched for a singular purpose: Peacefully express our desires and expectations for the future of our country, during the transition of power.

In the simplest form, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Saturday was a day to “Ask” together.

Personally, the causes close to my heart are equal rights (and respect) for all humans, animal rights and environmental protections. I acknowledge that the current leadership has other top priorities. I acknowledge that those who voted differently than I, share those top priorities. No argument.

But perhaps, in our great country, we can have it all? Perhaps one my top 3 can be in the top 20?

So on Saturday, I asked.

I’m grateful to live in a country where I have the opportunity to ask, and endlessly optimistic about the POWER of asking.

Friends, no matter what your beliefs or passions, I hope that you too feel empowered to ask.



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