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Wine, Steak and…. a marathon?

The Marathon du Medoc takes you on the usual 26.2 mile course, with one BIG difference, there’s a new wine to try at almost every mile of the race!

Wine on an empty stomach? Oh no mon frere!

This particular marathon pairs appetizers and entrees with your 23 tastings, naturally!  The course takes you through vineyards and past chateaus with breaks to taste cheese, ice cream, oysters and at least one break for steak.  Let’s be honest, running and indulging sounds like a terrible idea, and yes, the vomit struggle is real, but the race basically sells out every year and has a waiting list, so it’s not all bad!

Marathon du Medoc takes about 6 hours to complete and participants are encouraged to take their time… oh and wear costumes, of course!

Wine, cheese, oysters, steak & ice cream; this is one marathon we’ve been training our whole lives for!

Marathon du Medoc, france, running marathon, wine, cheese, steak, oysters, ice cream
Colorful landscape view of Saint Emilion village in Bordeaux region France

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