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Atlantic Recording Artist, Rob Thomas stopped by the WARM 106.9 studio Tuesday to talk about his fourth solo album, Chip Tooth Smile, and his LIVE concert performance at Chateau Ste Michelle Winery on Thursday, June 13th.

Chip Tooth Smile will be available April 26th and can be pre-ordered at

Tickets to his June 13th Winery concert go on sale this Saturday at 10am.  However, check out the video to see how you can win your tickets, for FREE.  The interview is transcribed below!

WATCH Rob Thomas – One Less Day (Dying Young)

You should 100% watch the full interview with Heather (there are some really funny bits!) but if you are more of a reader, here is the abridged transcript.

Heather: So when you walked in you commented on my shirt.

Rob Thomas: That’s a great shirt. She’s wearing a Sidewalk Angels shirt.

Heather: I want to talk about it just a little bit because I love dogs, and cats, and you love dogs and I think what you’re doing is so beautiful. As kind of a middle man in the rescue systems, I want everyone to learn about it.

Rob Thomas: I think that’s exactly the best way to put it. We’ve been raising money and trying to get critically needed funds to different organizations around the country. Sometimes people need, they’ve got really good intention to get started, but they just need money to kind of get foundations built, get runs built, kennels, food, animal welfare and so that’s the money that we raise goes directly to these organizations to do that.

But then we’ve also partnered with the Humane Society of the United States, we’ve partner with some new initiatives that we’re going to be doing, it’s going to be cool. Working with places that are trying to end breed discrimination and rescuing animals from hurricane areas and trying to get them all placed in the no kill shelters. Trying to get families, sometimes they get displaced from hurricanes and stuff. There are shelters out there that would take them with their pets. They don’t have to be separated from their pets.

It’s kind of a multifaceted thing that we do with working with all these other organizations and my wife started it 13 or 14 years ago I think, and it’s just me and her and her mom, so all the profits go directly into charities.

Heather: So you have two special needs dogs right?

Rob Thomas: I do, yeah.

Heather: If someone was looking at a special needs pet, what would you tell them about adopting a special needs pet?

Rob Thomas: I think that it’s a lot of work. Our dogs are our entire life but there’s handfuls of medication five times a day. One’s got epilepsy and then he had cancer, one lost his eye the other lost his sight in his eye, they’ve got problems with their legs and their trachea, but they’re just the greatest things in the world. I think there’s an idea, there’s children and people like, well I’m a parent of furry pets, then people are like you don’t understand. But if you have to put that much effort into the love and care then you kind of do feel like a parent after a while. I have a human son who is nowhere near as much work as these two guys are.

Heather: Absolutely.

Rob Thomas: I love them more than anything. If you’ve seen my Instagram you know because that’s like 90 percent of my Instagram is my dogs.

Heather: So follow Rob Thomas on Instagram. He loves dogs. We love dogs here in Seattle.

Rob Thomas: I do love that about Seattle. Seattle’s like different in that way. Everybody seems like they have a dog. It’s awesome.

Heather: One of the reasons why I am particularly in love with your new song, One Less Day, is because I immediately think about friends but also the animals. Spending one more day doing that extra rescue thing. I want to talk about the song and the inspiration. The question that everyone’s asking you right now.

Rob Thomas: Actually the song itself is just about the idea of, kind of a turnaround from the idea of staying young forever and not wanting to get old, because if you say you don’t want to get old you got to think about the alternative is really bleak right. This is more about the idea of realizing that getting older is a privilege that not everybody gets afforded and that you should really appreciate every day that you’re alive. That means different things to different people. For some people it just means racking up bad decisions but if that’s what gets you through, then that’s what you need to do.

Heather: I was looking at my forehead wrinkle this morning in the mirror, listening to that song, like embrace it.

Rob Thomas:     You really should embrace it because if you see a little old guy just moving down the road, at his own little pace, that’s the best case scenario in life right there. Whenever they say getting old sucks, no, no, no, getting old is really, really good. Not getting old, that’s the problem.

Heather: I’m really, really excited that you’re coming to town, June 13th, Chateau St. Michelle.

Rob Thomas: Yeah that’s going to be great!

Heather: We have tickets to give away.

Rob Thomas: Oh! Music and wine.

Heather:  Yes it’s going to be fantastic.

Rob Thomas: Are these yours [points to Heather’s sunglasses]?

Heather: They are. I just got back from Hawaii and those were fun to take selfies in because they have the reflection.

Rob Thomas: [Puts on sunglasses] Oh these are on fire. I love these. What do you think? I think it’s me.

Heather: I’m going to have to give those sunglasses to my friend April, because she loves you. So she’ll be like Rob Thomas wore these, so here you go.

Rob Thomas: I look like the guy from Urge Overkill. Sorry. So now I’m just having fun with Heather.

Heather: I feel like they give you a super power, like you could be on Umbrella Academy or something.

Rob Thomas: I love that show. That’s a good show.

Heather: Is that what you’re watching right now?

Rob Thomas: That’s one of the things I’m watching right now for sure. Patriot on Amazon is a really good show too. It’s very funny.

Heather: So I was thinking about how many songs you have, and how when I see you in concert and I’m watching you, and I see all these people in the audience watching you as well, it’s like our entire lives are flashing before our eyes, because you created a soundtrack for us. So people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, everyone its like you have created that soundtrack for us. Is that a big responsibility?

Rob Thomas: I feel like it’s a lucky thing that that’s been able to happen. To be able to find out what it feels like to have one of your songs twenty years later, to have people still come to see it, it’s a really special feeling for that reason. I’ve got 65 year olds that are sitting in my audience because they were my age when our first record came out. There are kids out there now, they’re bringing their kids, and their kids literally weren’t born when that first record came out. I think it’s a really cool thing to have that and to realize the day that my song got added, when it first got released, 3AM got put into classic rock rotation. It was like all the feels at one time. I think that’s kind of, you’re hoping that’s living the dream, is that you’re going to be on classic rock with a new single coming out. I couldn’t imagine something better. It’s a pretty cool feeling to be lucky enough that happened.

Heather: Well you really have transcended every genre, and that’s what you have to do now with the way people are consuming music and entertainment. You just have to be awesome.

Rob Thomas: I think you always have to write good songs. No matter kind of music you’re doing, everything from hip-hop to folk, people just want to hear a good song, and a relatable song. Good is subjective, but I think you want to write something that people feel relates to them in some way. I’m pretty much like most people so I think if I’m writing about something then I’m feeling that other people will probably understand the way that feels too.

Heather: It’s so interesting too about how you have an intent when you’re writing something and then people have their own experience depending on what’s going on because like when I was listening to the song yesterday, with the Luke Perry stuff happening, all of a sudden that hit me so hard.

Rob Thomas: Yeah sure. That was a loss. The weird irony of that, this has been like a big topic of conversation, and then to lose someone who, that was generational for someone my age you know. That’s like losing one of your own. I see those numbers next to those names, getting closer and closer to my number. So you start putting perspective in wanting to make sure you’re doing the most with it you can.

Heather: So I wanted to talk about the new song, I wanted to talk about the show.

Rob Thomas: Abby Anderson is coming out. Abby Anderson, singer songwriter. She’s coming out on tour as the opener.

Heather: She’s got the country twang going on.

Rob Thomas: Yeah that just makes a lot of sense. I think country is about telling stories and stuff too, and I think her songs are really, really good. She has a really nice, pop-leaning country thing that’s almost in itself doesn’t really fit into any genre, and I like that about her.

Heather: Well I feel like that’s what country music is now anyway. It’s pop-beat.

Rob Thomas: I think if you take some of the stuff that we did [on our] first record, like the less rock stuff like the 3AM and stuff like that, if you had bands like Hootie, I think they would have all been on country now, if they came out now.

Heather: Absolutely. Is there anything that you do before a show that’s kind of a ritual in warm up? I was curious about that.

Rob Thomas: No I think my favorite thing is before, I like to make sure I go out and I spend some time watching the opening act, checking out the crowd, and just kind of putting myself in that head space. Sometimes you’re actual life is going on while you’re on the road so for a minute you might be on the phone and you might be dealing with personal stuff, so you try and do anything to take yourself out of that a little bit, so at least for that two hours you’re not in that mode.

Heather: Awesome. Well, thank you so much. We will see you at Chateau Ste. Michelle June 13th!

Rob Thomas: Awesome.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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