Paris smoking
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Will you rethink your trip to the big city?

Spending a long weekend in Paris could be as bad for your health as smoking two cigarettes! Gross, right!?!?

paris smoking
small paris street with view on the famous paris eifel tower on a cloudy rainy day with some sunshine

Well, at least it’s a lot less polluted than Prague, where your mini-break could be the equivalent of smoking four cigarettes!

prague smoking
Bridges of Prague over Vltava River on sunny summer day. Scenic view from Letna. Prague, Czech Republic.

Think that’s bad, head to Beijing, where it could be same as puffing up to 16 cigarettes! Cough, cough!

BEIJING, CHINA – NOVEMBER 23, 2017 China World Trade Center Z15 Towers Skyscrapers CCTV Pants Building Guamao Centrall Business District Beijing China

Will it make you rethink your trip to the big cities?  You no longer need to sit next to a dedicated smoker to be a victim of passive smoking. Air pollution is such that you only have to walk around for a few days to breathe the toxic equivalent of several cigarettes. This study obviously has serious implications for tourists, who typically spend their days wandering the streets visiting sites, but it also will cause concern for native cyclists and joggers striving for a healthier lifestyle but instead exposing themselves to toxins.

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