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Why won’t Michael Bublé consider a long-term Las Vegas residency? Blame Jay Leno


Michael Bublé launches his six-night limited engagement at Resorts World Las Vegas tonight, but he insists that it’s not a tryout for a longer and more lucrative residency, like the kind that Katy Perry is doing at the property. But why doesn’t he want to do that? He says it’s because of something a comedy legend told him 20 years ago.

“I used to open for Jay Leno, and I would ask him his advice about what I could do to have a great career,” Michael tells ABC Audio. “And he would always say the same thing: ‘Take the time to travel, and go into people’s backyards and play for them. You’ll belong to them. You’ll be tangible to them. They’ll see that when you tell them you appreciate them, you really do, because you took the time to show up.”

For that reason, Michael says, he’d rather go to his fans than have them come to him.

“I want to go to 45 countries and…taste the food and experience the culture,” he enthuses. “I want my kids to see it. I want them to know what a big, beautiful world this is. And I love getting to connect to these gorgeous souls all over the planet…If you take a residency in Vegas for 10 years and they build a theater….I just don’t think you’re doing that.”

And while Michael admits that he’ll “never say never” to a longer residency, he feels that for now, he’ll be happy “getting to…do these six shows and have this really wonderful, intimate performance I don’t often get a chance to do.”

He adds, laughing, “For now, a couple weeks is plenty for me!” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Michael’s Vegas shows run from April 27 through May 7, and will be followed by his Higher world tour.

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