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Why Are People FREAKING Out About Friends On Netflix?

If you’ve been living under a social media rock all weekend, (GOOD for you! I mean it. That’s awesome.) Netflix was going to pull Friends on 1-1-19.

People started FREAKING OUT on Twitter. Now, they’ve agreed to keep it at least through 2019.

Um…I have a question: How many times do we actually have to watch Friends?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve probably seen every episode at least 3 times. Some, maybe, 5?

But if you REALLY love Friends, but the DVDS or a digital copy. Netflix isn’t responsible for keeping your favorite things in perpetuity. AND, with all the new content on Netflix, it’s not like there’s nothing to watch.

Which brings me to my next question: What are YOU watching right now? (Besides Friends…LOL)

I’d previously never watched Grey’s Anatomy (I know…crazy, right?) so I spent ~8 weeks watching all the seasons. Then the new Sabrina (WAY more adult than I would have imagined from the old Melissa Joan Hart version) Now I’m binging on Jeopardy and The Office (Another one I didn’t get into in real time).

Side Note…Binge watching is apparently unhealthy.

AND, how many episodes do YOU consider a “Binge”?

By definition, it consists of more than 1 episode. WHAT?! LOL. I’m a MAJOR offender. I leave it on most of the time and clean/ shower/ get dressed/ cook while it’s playing. So I probably get through 4+ hours a day of content. I never considered my regular use a “binge”. I consider a “binge,” the express intent to ONLY watch the content 24/7 until I physically collapse. (Which I have done with Orange is the New Black.)

BUT…back to Friends

Even if you DIDN’T plan to binge on Friends, you still have plenty of time to watch all 236 episodes before 2020. Even with a few days off. 

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