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Who Wants A Scream Box?

Crate Boxes 3d, Cardboard Box Brown, Flat Style Cardboard Parcel
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Aparently it is easy to make and very helpful for getting out frustrations.

The scream box is another way that we can all let loose and get the anxiety

and overwhelmingness of the day out in a way that helps the soul to relax and heal.

So get crafting and scream away!

According to the teachings of Dr. Arthur Janov, author of the 1970s bestseller,

Primal Therapy, the pure emotional release of tensions from the past by screaming can be highly therapeutic.

OK, Ready?

Get a box,

Wrap it with white paper


Fill with socks or things to absorb sound

One, two, ready-ok….Scream.

Full Story and Pictures: HERE

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