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Who Wants a Mermaid for Christmas?

Just when you thought ALL Christmas movies involved a “small town/big city” love story or a “prince/princess” love story…This year, we get a MERMAID!

No word yet on where the show will air, but it stars a ton of your favorite Soap stars! “One Life to Live” star Jessica Morris will headline as the titular mermaid who has lost her way and been thrust into our world. Her love interest is Kyle Lowder from Days of Our Lives, who is also an executive producer on the movie.

According to the movie’s Instagram page, Mermaid for Christmas is “Filled with warmth, humor, whimsy, and just a touch of magic, A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS combines classic Christmas themes with an escapist fantasy element that only a mermaid can provide!”

We’ll keep an eye on this one for you and let you know where you can check it out this holiday season!

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