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Who Needs A Pen Pal?

Variety of farm animals in front of white background
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Stella the turkey, Smudge the goat, and Blue the cow! That’s who!!!

Pasado’s Safe Haven, a farm sanctuary in Sultan, Wash.

They started Pasado’s Pen Pals where children can write letters to animals at the sanctuary.

Kids can choose to write to pen pals like Stella the turkey, Smudge the goat, or Blue the cow.I

In return, they’ll receive a written letter back, along with a sticker or two and a photo of their new pen pal.

Brenna Anderst, senior education and advocacy manager at Pasado’s.

Says the animals — just like humans — love getting letters.

The staff have made it a social experience for them.

“The animals are very excited to receive their mail,” Anderst said.

“So, we pick the mail up from the post office, and we bring it to each of the animals,

and we read them their letters – let them look at them.”

She says the pen pal program is designed to encourage connection, as well as compassion.

“Part of inspiring kindness to animals is showing that they

all have their own personalities,”

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