Which Seahawk are you? Take this quick quiz and find out

Sure, The 12s take Seahawks football very seriously. So why not fantasize that we actually are Seahawks? Which one would you be? Now you can find out, by taking this quick, easy, and very scientific quiz from the Seattle Times.

FYI, I discovered that I’m channeling Legion of Boom defensive back Earl Thomas. Just like #29, I’m “a meticulous planner and have a ferocious drive to not only be the best at what you do, but also redefine your line of work.” Sure, I’ll take that.

It turns out Sue Romero’s alter ego is Richard Sherman: “You are loud and brash, never at a loss for words – you’re good at what you do but why let that speak for itself when you can too?” Sue Romero? Loud and brash? Okay, if you say so.

Go ahead and discover your secret Seahawk identiy . . . take the quiz here.

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