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What’s OK to do on a PLANE? [Yoga?]

I feel like every year SOMEONE is tweeting complaints about “Bizarre Airline Behavior”

This story is about YOGA. 

Clearly the passenger has the whole row available and seems to be using it for a little Cat/Cow. (If you’ve ever done Yoga, it’s a basic move and feels REALLY nice.)

I don’t know about YOUR tolerance levels, but this doesn’t even register as annoying to me.

LOUD conversations, Attempting to engage me in conversations while I’m trying to rest, Coughing, Screaming (usually kids), Kicking of seat, Twisting fan at HIGH in my direction, Odor (body or food) and excessive trips (more than once an hour) to and from seat tend to annoy me.

But, maybe I just like Yoga. Much like barking dogs don’t annoy me because I like dogs.

Ya know, now I’m imagining DOGS doing YOGA on a plane and it’s making me VERY happy.

In fact, a Christmas wish is to one day be on a plane with these 2:


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