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What’s For Dinner on a Hot Evening? Here are Seattle’s Top Picks for Sushi [video]

SUSHI: When mother nature cranks ups the heat, I know the last thing I want to do is cook.  And that’s a big deal, as my favorite place is in the kitchen.  So this is the time we’ll crave Sushi, as it’s light and refreshing.  Great news is,  Seattle has some of the best Sushi in the country!

The has a list of some of our favorites in this photo gallery (here).

For some, sushi can be intimidating.  ‘What, raw fish?’  ‘What’s the difference between Sashimi and Maki?’

This awesome video makes it much easier for you to enjoy (and even I picked up a few things)…

And this should be helpful as well:

• Bara sushi. Sushi rice and ingredients mixed together, as a rice salad.
• Chirashi sushi (Iso-don, gomoku sushi). Sushi rice bed under other ingredients.
• Funamori (Gunkan maki, kakomi sushi). Nigiri sushi wrapped to hold in less solid ingredients.
• Futomaki. Large roll.
• Fukusa sushi. A type of sushi which is wrapped in a crepe.
• Inari sushi. Aburage stuffed with sushi rice.
• Make sushi. Nori seaweed and a layer of rice around a core of fillings.
• Norimake. A roll with nori seaweed on the outside.
• California roll. Crab meat, smelt or flying fish roe, avocado.
• Philidelphia roll. Salmon, cream cheese and some sort of vegetable.
• Nigiri sushi. A slice of fish or other topping atop vinegared rice.
• Okonomi-zushi. Home-style nigiri sushi.
• Onigiri. Balls made with plain steamed rice with various stuffings.
• Oshizushi. Sushi rice and other ingredients pressed into a box or mold. .
• Sashimi. Sliced or prepared raw fish.
• Sushi. Anything made with vinegared rice.
• Tazuna sushi (Rainbow roll). A roll with diagonal strips of food across the top.
• Temaki. Hand rolls, usually cone-shaped.

But what if you have a shellfish allgery?  No problem, I do and still enjoy SUSHI.

Just stay away from:

  • Barnacle.
  • Crab.
  • Crawfish (crawdad, crayfish, ecrevisse)
  • Krill.
  • Lobster (langouste, langoustine, Moreton bay bugs, scampi, tomalley)
  • Prawns.
  • Shrimp (crevette, scampi)

And make sure the fish sauce is pure.


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