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What Teachers Need From Parents

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Regardless of whether your child will attend school in-person or virtually.

While each classroom, each school, and each teacher will have different needs,

these ideas from teachers about what they need from parents this schoo

year will help make the transition easier for everyone.

1. Flexibility

Ninth grade biology teacher Jaime Bohon tells Romper that above all else,

she needs parents to be flexible this year.

2. Specific Supplies

When it comes to supplies, Amanda Wakefield,

a campus instructional coach at a Texas high school,

says each teacher will have different needs.

3. Understanding Kids

When it comes to preparing for this school year,

teachers could use help from parents to ensure that kids know

what their duty is once inside the classroom.

4. Keep Your Kids Calm

First grade teacher Sydney Pierce, says she hopes parents won’t put too much

pressure on their kids or talk badly about school reopening in front of them.

5. Extra Patience

Casey Smith,

a high school language acquisition teacher,

explains that flexibility, patience, and understanding are all

key traits parents can utilize to support teachers this year.

6. Teach Your Kids Their Passwords

It may seem like a small thing,

but Pierce says teaching your child their usernames and passcodes

for technology at school can make a huge difference when it comes

to stopping the spread of germs in schools.

7. Cleaning Supplies

Donations of Lysol spray,

Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer may seem like an obvious answer

to the question of what teachers need from parents,

but in the midst of a health pandemic,

these supplies are even more appreciated than normal.

8. Again, Understanding

“Honestly, more than any material items we need patience,

flexibility, and understanding, because while we may be in the school building,

it will definitely be different.

9. Teach Littles To Open Lunch Items

This may seem like another common sense thing to do,

but for parents of younger students,

it will be especially important this year.

10. Above All, Grace

At the end of the day,

teachers may not even know what they need until they start

teaching during this unprecedented time,

so it’s up to parents to show a bit of grace as the year unfolds.

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