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What Secrets Does Your Kitchen Give Away About You

Written by Lucy Wyndham

“One should always dress like a marble column,” said Jackie Kennedy, arguably one of the world’s biggest style icons. It might sound bizarre from a dress-sense perspective, but there’s no denying that marble does exude elegance and luxury. However, it is more of a favorite among those who want to make a statement in their kitchens than their attire.

For today’s homeowners, the kitchen is about more than functionality. In fact, it is often the centerpiece of a home’s design, with homeowners going all out to bring luxury and to stamp their own personality on the room. So what secrets does your kitchen give away about you?

Cutting Edge Kitchens For Tech Lovers

High tech kitchen equipment saves energy and works just as well in a traditional as in a modernistic kitchen, so those with a passion for energy or time-saving machinery ensure their kitchens are stocked with the latest machinery. These include everything from water-saving, eco-friendly washing machines, to dual fuel stove-top ovens (which are completely self-cleaning), and six-burner gas ranges for large families or budding chefs who need several fires working at once. Cutting edge tech saves time and energy, which are arguably two of the most important resources for modern day human beings.

Open Kitchens For Trendy Urbanites

If you have just renovated your kitchen in favor of an open style space with a central island and design features that mirror those of the living room, then your passion for modernity is clear. The kitchen is officially a meeting point, now more than ever, and modern homeowners have woken up to the ability of their kitchen to be a meeting point. Thus, colors, materials, and styles complement and contrast each other, while natural light floods into the entire space, which is now one entity. Trendy yet sturdy wallpaper in linen, metallic, or stamped effects are also being used to join the kitchen with other spaces. These wallpapers are resistant to heat and can easily be cleaned if necessary.

Graceful Lighting Features For Design Lovers

Open up a décor magazine and you will undoubtedly notice the importance of designer lighting features in modern day kitchens. In addition to creative overhead pieces above islands, you may also find gorgeous Italian pendant lights or geometrically designed wall lighting in sophisticated kitchens. Lighting has an equally important role to play in minimalist kitchens, in the form of LED lighting either at floor level or near hobs or backsplashes. In the evening, this lighting takes on a futuristic, almost otherworldly feel. LED lighting, in all its simplicity, allows dwellers to see where they are going in a subtle, fine manner.

Wooden Kitchens For The Eco Lover

With global warming threatening the planet, savvy homeowners are increasingly opting for eco-friendly kitchens that celebrate the beauty of nature without pillaging its greatest resources. Eco-friendly wood makes sense from a health perspective as well, since pressed wood often contains formaldehyde and other components that can be detrimental to human health. Those with a passion for environmental sustainability are embracing kitchen furniture made with eco-certified wood that also boasts low-VOC emission certification and responsible forestry certification. Interesting materials for this purpose include bamboo and lyptus – a eucalyptus hybrid wood that has a quick growth rate.

The kitchen has come to be a central meeting point for modern day families, and that means that design now plays a greater role in this space. Whether you wish to have a more sustainable or a more luxurious looking kitchen, there are many changes you can make either in equipment or furniture materials. These days, open kitchens have made the kitchen just another part of the common living space, so make sure it conforms to your idea of beauty and style.

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