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What Lottery Winners Do With Their Money [Incredible Stories]

Ever wonder what previous lottery winners do with their money-winnings?  Me too.  I mean, we all dream about it right?  “Oh, if I win the big one I will…”.

Jay Vargas from South Carolina become one of the youngest lottery winners ever in the United States when he scooped up a $35.3 million Powerball prize in May, 2008.

Jack Whittacker Jr. was already rich when he won a $314.9 million Powerball jackpot in 2002.

Ronnie Music Jr. from Georgia invested part of the $3 million he won in the lottery in 2015 to deal in drugs.

Yup, they did that.  You can check out their full stories and what some other big winners did with theirs (HERE).   And appearantly, a major struggle that winners often face is saying “no” to friends and family who hope to join in on the good fortune.

And then of course we always hear the stories, you know the ones where they ‘go broke’.  Well according to CNBC you can check out ‘why’ they do (HERE).

But there are LOTS of good stories when it comes to those jackpots including a WASHINGTON STATE COUPLE…

In 2011, Jim and Carolyn McCullar, from a small town in Washington state, won half of a $380 million prize in the Mega Millions lottery. The couple, who claimed their part of the second-largest jackpot in US history at the time, took the win in stride. Instead of blowing the money all at once or planning extravagant trips around the world, the McCullars said they planned on using the money to give future generations of their family comfortable lives.

There are lots of awesome stories, and many do pay it forward or give lots or even most of it away to charities.

Read more (HERE).

So, what will you do with yours?  Something to think about, because I’m feeling lucky for ya:)



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