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What Kind of Mom is Yours?

Happy Mothers Day

Struggling to find a Mother’s Day gift? A new poll reveals the best present to get her may hinge on what type of mom she is overall.

One thing that’s true about all moms is they appreciate being appreciated.

Giving that extra dose of recognition to honor all their hard work can go a very long way.

A survey of 2,000 adults asked people how they show their appreciation toward the women in their lives who are mothers and found that three in five believe every day should be Mother’s Day.

A whopping 86 percent of respondents say these women are the most hardworking people they know, but 69 percent agree that moms don’t get enough credit for all that they do.

Seven in 10 Americans also call their mom their best friend and 63 percent think their mom is a superhero who can take on any challenge and resolve it with grace. The average person would spend about $300 on a gift for their special day to show these moms their appreciation, but two in three agree that you don’t have to break the bank to show mom love.

The top presents people prefer getting their moms are personalized items like photo frames or blankets (37%),

edible gifts like chocolate or fruit arrangements (36%),

or household niceties like a new TV or wine glasses (36%).

To avoid gifting mishaps from their partners and kids, 74 percent of moms don’t mind letting them know what they want in advance.

Moms also weighed in on the kind of gifts they like, with most admitting they expect a gift from their significant other and/or kids (82%). They also revealed how their personalities might influence what they hope to get.

“Foodie moms” (who love to eat, snack, and try new foods) would unsurprisingly be happiest with edible gifts (29%) but would also love a getaway or gift card/certificate (27%).

In contrast, “soccer moms” (who are sporty and take their kids to sporting events and practices) are not shy about letting their families know what they want in advance (96%). They also prefer homemade (31%) or household gifts (29%).

Still, 88 percent of moms say no matter what their kids and/or significant other get them for Mother’s Day, they always value the thought behind the gift more than the gift itself. When it comes to safe choices, a fifth of moms also agree that jewelry is always an option they appreciate (22%).

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