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What Kind of Mom are You?

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Tik Tok mom, FB mom or Mixed Tape mom or just plain exhausted mom?

Being a mom can be the most rewarding job in the world,

but it can also be the most exhausting.

Between parenting, working full-time, and becoming ad-hoc teachers,

it’s not surprising that moms are burnt out.

Recently, online retailer Zullily conducted a study with 500 mothers in the U.S.

and found that stress is impacting their sleep as well.

According to the study, 62% of moms stated they wake up at least once a night, with 2 – 3 am

being the most restless hour.

Not surprising to anyone, the survey also revealed that almost one-third

of moms are passing this sleepless hour on their phones browsing social media,

checking email or more frequently, shopping online.

In fact, the survey revealed mom “microgenerations” with distinct habits

when it comes to stress, sleep and online shopping.

Through the Zulily poll, the research revealed the shopping habits of moms

across three generational segments:

TikTok Moms (ages 25-34),

Facebook Moms (ages 35-44),

and Mixtape Moms (ages 45-54).

More info: HERE

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