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What is the Tooth Fairy Paying These Days?

Going Rate For Teeth_

Do you leave $1 or 5? A small toy, or a glittery, handwritten note?

Tooth Fairy traditions can vary widely,

with some families making it into quite the production,

while others simply slip a few bucks under the pillow and call it a night.

How do you handle what is perhaps one of our stranger parenting rituals.

The story of the Tooth Fairy is a bit weird.

It was originally created as a way of making the whole tooth-losing process fun for kids,

and a little less horrifying than it actually is.

Because let’s be real: losing teeth is kind of upsetting.

And for the very little, the concept of losing something they had assumed was quite

permanent can trigger a whole load of questions and anxieties.

Of course, as with all family traditions,

there is no right or wrong way to do the tooth fairy.

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