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What is a Christmas Mood Catcher?

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Maybe it’s you? EduBirdie is  hiring people to eat cookies, watch Christmas movies, and get presents.

They are looking to discover how to prolong the Christmas mood as much as possible.

So they are looking for  Christmas Moodcatchers.

If only Christmas could last all year round… ‘Ho-ho-ho’ you say. ‘Challenge accepted’ says Edubirdie.

Okay, Google, how to catch the Christmas mood and not let it go?

How to stay charged with the celebration spirit and December inner warmth even after it’s gone?

Christmas movies, gingerbread house, one horse open sleigh? What exactly makes our Christmas mood and allows it to last longer?

EduBirdie decided to figure out how to carry the Christmas spirit with us as long as possible so that every student can go to school with a piece of the holiday inside and every employee can take on their tasks with the feeling of still returning to the holiday in the evening.

To do this, we are opening the Christmas Moodcatcher position, people who will help us catch the spirit of Christmas in a fist and not let it go for as long as we can.

Who is a Moodcatcher?

We are looking for exactly 25 people to share this Christmas and its aftertaste. We are looking for the real zealots of the Christmas mood. Here’s how to spot one of our elves:

  • Those who have been listening to jingle bells since November.
  • Those whose decorated houses can be seen from any part of the street.
  • Those whose Christmas tree designs can be part of a portfolio.
  • Real architects who make not just Christmas gingerbread, but true wonders of the world.
  • Those for whom Christmas is not just any holiday, but a state of mind.


Apply; HERE

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