What if Facebook was around in 1995 when the Internet was young?

If you remember back to 1995 — ancient times in the world of the web — AOL was the go-to spot for early adopters of technology. You went there for everything — news, sports, weather, email, games. Now it’s a whole different thing, and not quite as prevalent as it once was. (My mother still logs on, though!)

Facebook is the most common social site now, with over a billion users around the world. But Facebook didn’t start until 2004.  However, a comedian named Brent Weinbach started wondering: what if Facebook did exist in 1995, during the early days of the World Wide Web? What would a commercial for this magical new service look like?

Let’s take a time machine back to 1995 and imagine . . . .

If that fake commercial seems unbelievably dorky, check out the spot that inspired it — a real AOL commercial from 1995. Oh, how innocent we were back then . . . .


(Thanks to Adweek for discovering this.)


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