11 year old college graduate astrophysicist
Credit: BigStockPhoto

What have you done with your life?

William Maillis can’t drive, vote or buy a lottery ticket, but he can already call himself a College Graduate. At just 11 years old, William received his Associate’s Degree and is the youngest St Petersburg College graduate ever! He plans to head to the University of South Florida next year for his Bachelor’s degree and has plans to be an astrophysicist… I can’t even spell that! (thank you auto-correct!)

When I was 11, my biggest concern was whether or not I should let my friend’s mom cut me bangs (spoiler alert, she did annnnd, it wasn’t pretty).

There’s nothing to make you ponder what you’ve done with your life like an 11-year old college grad on his way to being something you can’t even spell.

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