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What Do You Sound Like on Mars?

Solar System Mars. Planet Near Sun. Mars Is A Terrestrial Plan

This is NO JOKE!!! New technology let’s you know how you would sound on Mars!

The Science of Sound on Mars

The Perseverance rover carries two microphones, letting us directly record the sounds of Mars for the very first time.

Even though Earth and Mars are entirely different planets, it may be comforting to know that if you were on Mars, you might still sound pretty much like yourself. If you were standing on Mars, you’d hear a quieter, more muffled version of what you’d hear on Earth, and you’d wait slightly longer to hear it. On Mars, the atmosphere is entirely different. But, the biggest change to audio would be to high-pitch sounds, higher than most voices. Some sounds that we’re used to on Earth, like whistles, bells or bird songs, would almost be inaudible on Mars.

Give it a try!!!

What do you think?

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