What do superheroes, cubicles, and donuts have in common?

See if this makes sense to you. Today (April 28) is National Superhero Day. For some reason — not that I’m questioning it — Krispy Kreme will give you a dozen free donuts when you buy a dozen. That’s cool, right?

BUT — it’s also National Cubicle Day, a holiday dedicated to the millions who toil in their little fabric-lined boxes day in and day out. It’s an excuse to maybe put your individual stamp on your cube with your own personal decor or art or knick-knacks or whatever.


SO, here’s the plan, as I see it. Go to Krispy Kreme, buy a dozen donuts of any variety, get another dozen glazed donuts free, take them all to work (possibly munching one or two in the car on the way to reward yourself for your good deed) and pass those donuts around to all of your dedicated coworkers toiling away in their cubicles. To them, you’ll be a superhero. And don’t you want to be surrounded by happy coworkers who love and admire you?

You’re welcome.

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