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What About Bob

White Dog West Highland White Terrier Lies On The Couch Of The H
Ksenia Ershova\BigStock

Have you seen the emotional TikTok video showing a sweet dog missing his chance to be adopted.

It was an an event in Brooklyn, New York, the TikTok has touched millions around the globe.

Bob, a 3-year-old white terrier, attended the adoption affair hosted by Brooklyn’s Badass Animal Rescue, on Oct. 29, as New York-based illustrator Andrea Caceres told Fox News Digital.

Caceres, who was at the event as a volunteer offering portraits to pet owners in exchange for donations to the rescue, recorded the moment Bob was passed up by hopeful pet owners.

She posted it to TikTok, where the video has since garnered more than four million views and counting.

Full Story and Pics: HERE

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