Battling California’s devastating wildfires takes a toll, both mentally and physically, on firefighters.

Enter therapy dog—a Golden Retriever named Kerith—who has been

providing emotional support in these fraught times.

In addition to the overwhelming flames, heat, and smoke,

many of them are away from home for days or weeks at a time—away from their families.

“Kerith loves people more than other dogs or anything else,”

According to UCLA Health, therapy dogs have been scientifically proven to provide a number

of mental and physical benefits, such as promoting the release of serotonin and reducing

sadness and anxiety, as well as even lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health.

Kerith’s heroism is just one way dogs can help out in areas ravaged by wildfires!

For anyone who would like to further their efforts, Carman Kerith’s owner, has started a GoFundMe account
where you can donate to help Team Kerith continue to provide her“ invaluable services” to Marin County firefighters.