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Wet Nose Wednesday~Barksgiving

Barksgiving….for shelter dogs.

Making 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for Homeless Dogs!

And another couple making 80 meals for shelter dogs.

The Dunns had their own post as well, which they captioned:

“Thanksgiving for 80ish shelter dogs and plenty of pumpkin left over for the cats.

🐶🐈 Most of the dogs even ate the green beans and pumpkin! 🥰

This is Stevens-Swan Humane Society and if you’re interested in any of these dogs

please see the album of adoptable dogs on their page for more information. ❤️

The images they shared were so good that the post went viral,

with the Dunn’s receiving 19K reactions and 95K

shares and Stevens-Swan receiving 2.1K reactions

and nearly 600 shares.

Full Story: HERE

Barksgiving Video: HERE