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Were Your Ears Ringing?

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You’ve probably experienced that awkward moment when you walk into a room and feel like someone was just talking behind your back.

Maybe they were saying something great.

(If you decide to go with that, you are going to be able to keep your chin up and not let the “meanies” win!)

Maybe they were gossiping and being mean.

But either way, they probably tried to cover it up and act like it didn’t happen — and that’s what tipped you off.

As it turns out, there are some common behaviors you can use as hints that someone was just talking about you.

1. Their Personality Seems Different

2. The Room Gets Quiet

3. They Seem Super Uncomfortable

4. They Freeze

5. They Seem Stiff

6. They Overcompensate

7. They Gossip About Others

8. They Can’t Maintain Eye Contact

9. Their Feet Point Towards The Door

10. They “Protect” Themselves

11. They Turn Their Back To You

12. They Start Fidgeting

13. They Start Scrambling

14. They’re Non-Inclusive

15. You Have A Gut Feeling

Whether it’s a friend, coworker, or family member, don’t be afraid to ask them about it in a kind and understanding way. By talking about how they made you feel, you can help clear the air and hopefully salvage the relationship.

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