Credit: Heather Lee

We’re So Xmas [The Princess Switch, The Christmas Prince, The Holiday Calendar, Rosegal, Grounds & Hounds, Thrive Causemetics & Hometeam Harvest]

Last year, Tinsel Tori and I decide to do a CHRISTMAS podcast. Which, was soooooooo much fun! We ambitiously attempted to continue it, but life happened and we dropped off the map.


We’ve been newly inspired by the spirit of the season to jump back into our podcasting! So…for the next 25 days (December 1-25) we’ll be posting bite-sized pieces.

Here’s the link to the first three!

The Netflix MOVIES we discuss:

The Princess Switch

The Holiday Calendar

The Christmas Prince



Grounds and Hounds

Thrive Causemetics


Northwest Harvest

Text HOMETEAM to 41444

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