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We’re not joshin’: Josh Groban teaming with Josh Cellars wine for “Joshgiving” charity initiative

Courtesy Josh Cellars

Josh Groban is teaming up with Josh Cellars wine for “Joshgiving,” which encourages people named Josh — and everyone else — to give back to the people and communities that enrich their lives with meaningful acts of thanks. Josh is actually a longtime fan of Josh Cellars, and not just because they share a name.

“It started many, many years ago because somebody at a restaurant said, ‘Hey, that’s your name, we should order a bottle of that,'” Josh recalls. “And I was like, ‘Well, that is quite delicious.’ And I’ve been drinking it ever since.”

Josh’s act of thanks is supporting the arts charity Sing for Hope, to which Josh Cellars has donated $100,000.  Among its other programs, Sing for Hope refurbishes old pianos and places them in cities worldwide so people can play them.

“It’s a great opportunity to put an instrument in the hands of a lot of people who wouldn’t normally be able to have the exposure to that,” Josh explains. He notes that being introduced to the piano at age 13 — as well as having access to arts education — is the reason “why I’m here today.”

Starting now, you can post your own act of gratitude using #Joshgiving; three fan-submitted charities will receive a donation from the wine brand.

Teaming up with a wine brand is very on brand for Josh, a longtime wine drinker and connoisseur — although he waits until after a show to enjoy a glass while touring.

“I never drink before a show. I know some people that like to have a little glass of wine or two — or seven,” he laughs. “I save my glass for afterwards on the tour bus when we can all high five and watch a dumb comedy and just laugh about the show.” 

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