WEEK 1: Day #6, and Dinner Downtown!

OCTOBER 12th, 2014/SUNDAY:  I’ll address the first question you’re thinking,  my 30/10 Journey is  going quite well:)  Seriously.  I can start to feel a change, and I know my body is now in FAT BURNING mode.  The work week is easy.  I prep my veggies (steaming cauliflower and broccoli) a coupla days in advance, store in separate (measured) containers in fridge.  This is actually making my day-2-day breakfast, snack and lunch prep EASIER!  What’s nice is that you have options, you are in control of what you wish to eat (order/pickup  your food from 30/10 Weight Loss For Life when you do your weekly check-in).

My usual is a breakfast bar with coffee while on way to work (sitting in traffic), snack (maybe a shake or dry cereal to munch on), and for lunch it’s soup and my veggies.  I’m actually quite full and easy for me to eat while on the air.  And the soup is actually quite good!  Sometimes I pour on veggies:)

Cutting out alcohol wasn’t bad either, as my old pattern was to have a glass or two at night to ‘chillaxe’.  This is a good time to mention the Self- Mastery Technology (SMT) When I picked up my food for the start of the program, I sat in one of the Infrared Sauna’s and listened to an mp3 using guided visualization to form mental images in the direction of your desired state…LOL,  what did I just say?!?!?   It’s kinda like hypnosis I suppose.  It relaxed me and seriously it just works.

Then came SATURDAY (day 5), long-time date in the books with friends at MORTON’S STEAKHOUSE downtown Seattle.  Truthfully, I had no reservations…well, I mean we did…but you know what I mean:)  I was content, knowing that I was going to order a giant steak (half for dinner, other half for the next night).  Ordered the NY Steak with a side of Sauteed Spinach & Button Mushrooms (in olive oil).  Was perfect.  I drank water and coffee.  I didn’t feel like I missed a thing, because…I didn’t!  In fact, make note (photo) that I enjoyed that steak again the next night as a rockin’ chopped salad with bean sprouts, mushrooms, cilantro, green onions and a tamari-sesame ginger dressing.  Boom!  I got this:) Have you taken a look at the 30/10 Program yet? Your journey (and questions/answers) start (HERE).

” I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible, I own the power to do this.”

My first weigh-check in is Monday.  Can’t wait! As I really do feel GREAT! – Shellie Hart

HELPFUL HINT:  Plan your snack just before going out to dinner, drinking lots of water of course also helps.

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photo 2 My ‘re-purposed’ MORTON’S Steakhouse dinner, ROCKED a salad the next night:)


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