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Watch Jon Batiste, Diane Warren and an animated Pentatonix get their groove back in “Sweet” video

Courtesy of Di-Namic Records/BMG

The members of Pentatonix are now cartoon characters, appearing in the new video for “Sweet,” their collaboration with Grammy-winning artist Jon Batiste and legendary songwriter Diane Warren.

In the video, the world has “forgotten how to play music” and is “out of tune.” A plane flies across the sky pulling a banner reading, “Can anyone find their rhythm?” Then, Jon finds his, in the shape of a cute, little, blue alien-looking animated creature. As the creature flies around, Jon is inspired to create music once again.

Next, Diane is seen packing up her office and facing bankruptcy, presumably because she can no longer find rhythm or inspiration. But soon, the little blue guy and an army of his friends take off across the city. Then, someone in the office opens one of the packing boxes and the animated members of Pentatonix jump out.

They join the aliens flying across the city, bringing music back into everyone’s lives. Soon, Diane’s hanging a sign on her office reading, “Back in business,” girls are dancing down the street, and two old guys playing chess are grooving along to their boombox.

“‘Sweet’ is like a jolt of positivity right when we need it the most. And there is no one who exudes more positivity and joy than the amazing Jon Batiste,” says Diane, who penned the song. “To have both Jon and the greatest a cappella group in the world, Pentatonix, on my song is a dream come true.”

Jon adds, “Life is full of ups and downs. Music is a gift that helps put it all in perspective. This song will find those who need it most.”

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