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Watch Five for Fighting’s new benefit video “Can One Man Save the World,” featuring the Ukrainian Orchestra

Diesel Jack Media and Save Our Allies

Earlier this year, Five for Fighting released a song called “Can One Man Save the World,” which was inspired by the steadfastness of Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky in the face of the Russian invasion.  Now, John Ondrasik, the man behind Five for Fighting, has released a new charity video of the song, co-starring the Ukrainian Orchestra. It premiered Saturday on ABC’s Good Morning America.

To create the video, John and a film crew made a grueling journey to a war-torn area of Ukraine. They filmed amid the ruins of the Antonov Airport, in front of what’s left of “Mriya,” the world’s largest cargo plane, which the Russians destroyed at the beginning of the war.

John made the video with the help of Save Our Allies, a rescue and relief organization that was formed in August of 2021 after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban following the U.S. withdrawal. It’s since provided support for evacuations from Ukraine.  Proceeds from the single and the video will benefit Save Our Allies.

During the filming, a top Ukrainian general and his entourage approached them and told them that President Zelensky had personally approved the use of the airport as a location. The general, who didn’t speak English, asked to hear the song, so John and the orchestra played it.

Despite the fact that the soldiers didn’t understand the words, John says, “Many of the onlookers were in tears. The significance and weight of our location, mission, and a country fighting for its survival hit home…It was the moment, the music, and our common humanity that spoke to all of us.”

John says he hopes to organize a “Live Aid”-type concert benefit concert for Ukraine at the end of the summer, to benefit Ukrainian relief and refugees.

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