Watch Bryan Cranston Become Walter White in Under :60 Seconds [VIDEO]

Didn’t want to save this for Throwback Thursday.  Besides, with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie already out and streamed millions of times on Netflix I think this is super timely again. 

Back in the day for the TV show he legit shaved his head and grew the mustache.  To be honest… the makeup work, while great, is still a little obvious in the movie.  But can you blame the guy?  He’s got a full head of hair.  I wouldn’t shave it for a 5 minute cameo either.

I used to wear baseball caps all the time, mostly because I was lazy.  Then I realized when I turned 40 that I was hiding the fact I had a full head of luscious hair.  Why dummy?  No I “pomade”… but I don’t know how to pronounce it so when I ask my wife to pick it up at the grocery store it’s:  “Hey honey, grab me some hair gunk.”

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