Washington's Most Haunted Washington Top 5 Haunts
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Washington’s Most Haunted

Last week we told you about the Top 5 Seattle Haunts, and this week, we are branching out a bit, to find the Top 5 Haunted Places in Washington!

Tis the season for spooky!

#5- Black Diamond Cemetery

Naturally a cemetery evokes a certain ghoulish factor on its own. Add in the fact that the cemetery has often been reported as one of the most haunted places in the state and the hairs on your arms stand up a bit.  Black Diamond cemetery is the burial grounds of many miners lost in tragic accidents in the early 1900’s and it’s believed they haunt the cemetery regularly.  Ghost hunters report one occurrence in which the hunters heard whistling followed by the sight of 5 lights moving toward them in unison like people holding candles while walking. A floating mist has been seen when photos are taken at the cemetery and a non-existent horse can be heard clopping down the road.  People visiting the cemetery have reported odd smells and the feeling of being watched as well.  If that doesn’t qualify as one of the most haunted places in Washington, we don’t want to know what does!

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#4- Manresa Castle

This Port Townsend Castle has a long history, dating back to the late 1800’s.  There are numerous stories of ghostly activity at Manresa affecting employees and guests alike! Making it our 4th most haunted place in Washington.

Lights turn on and off, doors open and close by themselves and people have reported feeling cold puffs of air on their shoulders; but that’s just the start!  Guests staying in room 302 have reported hearing footsteps in the attic above their room; in fact, the entire 3rd floor seems to be a hotbed of activity.  Guests on the the 3rd floor have reported having their covers pulled off them in the middle of the night.  In room 306 specifically; people have reported seeing a female apparition standing by the window and feeling her sit on the bed when they are in it.  She reportedly likes to sing in the bathroom in the mornings and look through guests belongings left in the dresser.

In the former chapel, now a dining area; glasses get flipped upside down, or shatter.

Is it getting cold in here?

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#3- Oxford Saloon

This Snohomish staple was built in 1900 and remains as a valuable part of Snohomish history and a great place to sit down for food and drinks with a ghost story or two.  Originally a dry goods store, it was transformed into a saloon and was often the scene of violence, especially near the basement, the men’s card room and the bar.  It’s because of this violence that the Oxford has a resident ghost.  Henry, a regular at the Oxford, a policeman and occasional bouncer was attempting to break up a fight one night when he was knifed and killed in the chaos.  He is rumored to hang out around the stairwell to the basement and the ladies restroom. Women have even reported getting a little pinch on the backside from Henry. The other ghosts are believed to be living upstairs in the offices, a man with a bowler hat and two women.  Paranormal activity has been recorded on video and tape recordings. In fact, if you want to give yourself the chills, read all about it HERE! This could be one of the most fun haunted places in Washington!


#2- Thornewood Castle

At one time set on 100 acres, Thornewood is one of the few genuine private castles in the United States.  It has a history dating back to the early 1900’s, when Chester Thorne, one of the founders of the Port of Tacoma, constructed this 27,000 square foot dream house.  Thornewood is well known for hosting wedding and events now and there have numerous ghostly sightings as well.  That’s right, you could get married at one of the most haunted places in Washington!  Some of the sightings include seeing Chester himself.  Lightbulbs in his room are often found unscrewed as well.  In Anna’s (Chester’s wife) room, guests have reported seeing her sit in her window seat overlooking the garden. The room is the bridal suite for weddings and has a mirror that once belonged to Anna. Bridal parties have reported seeing her reflection in the mirror.  In perhaps the most tragic ghost tale surrounding Thornewood, the grandchild of a former owner drowned in the lake and guests have reported seeing a little boy standing on the edge of the lake, only to rush down and find no one there. Yes, we officially have the chills.

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#1- Northern State Mental Hospital

The hospital in Sedro-Woolley, opened in 1912 and was the site of many experimental treatments on patients that, unfortunately resulted in quite a few deaths. As a result, the site of the old hospital is said to be one of the most haunted places in Washington.  Part of the facility has been converted into a Job Corp facility and drug treatment center and people visiting the site have reported some eerie stuff. There’s been sightings of a little girl chasing a red ball and a man walking around looking for her, also of a nurse pushing a man in a wheelchair and various apparitions.  Many people report the feeling of being constantly watched and strange sounds, screams, touches and cold spots.  The abandoned, neglected buildings and knowledge of what actually happened here just add to the creepy factor!

Check out a picture of Northern State HERE!



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