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Washington Ranked Top 3 for UFO Sightings! [video & photo gallery]

Seattle, UFO, Aliens, Best Place To See UFO in Seattle, Washington State
Credit: Shaineast |

A recent study placed Seattle higher than the notorious Area 51 in Nevada with our own ‘area’ to possibly spot a UFO.   Check out the story (HERE).   Now I read the story as ‘reported sightings’.

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And check out this video (Seattle Washington Massive UFO Sightings!)

And then there are the crop circles…

And, BURIEN does do an annual UFO Festival called BUFO: (Cancelled this year but see below)

‘Our event features guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, a dog costume contest, a pop-up museum, chances to tell your UFO story to the Highline Historical Society, get a custom alien drawing, face painting, UFO bouncy house, food trucks, UFO’s and more…'(HERE)

Here are the most often reported types of UFOs:

  • Type 1 object – characteristics:
    • Description – moving light or lights
    • Time of day – always at night, usually before midnight
    • Duration – from under a minute to 20 minutes, rarely over an hour
    • Colors – usually white, red, pink, orange, or yellow, but other colors possible
    • Angular size – from “star” up to “full moon”
    • Usual tactics – erratic flight, slow flight, wobbling
    • Possible tactics – rotation, hovering, pendulum motion, high speed, ejected objects
    • Sounds – none (except those falsely attributed to UFO)
    • Odors – usually none, rarely an odor of perfume
    • Disappearance – speeds away, sudden climb, dives to ground, or turns off lights

So there you go, do you believe in life in outer space?