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Was this diner owner right to scream at a crying baby?

Anybody who has kids, or who’s eaten in a restaurant, has an opinion about the diner owner in Portland, Maine, who yelled at a child who wouldn’t stop crying for at least 40 minutes while her parents seemingly ignored her during their pancake breakfast. Here’s the owner, Darla Neugebauer, telling her side of the story:

You can see both sides of the story as covered by the local TV news, including the girl’s mother’s side of things, here.

So, where do you come down on this controversy? It’s definitely a he said-she said scenario, so we don’t know exactly how things actually unfolded in that diner. I do know that as a parent, I couldn’t stand hearing my own child scream for more than a couple of minutes in a restaurant, let alone 40 minutes, and if we couldn’t get him to settle down, one of us would pick him up and step outside to calm him down, or we’d just pack up, pay the check, and hit the road.

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