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Was My Face Red?

Adorable Mixed Race Newborn In Baby Romper Yawning Isolated On W
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A UK mom is suffering a bit of embarrassment after rushing baby to hospital.

While changing Jr.’s diaper mom noticed a big red spot on the roof of his mouth.

Dad took a look too and they decided they needed to “RUSH” to the ER.

At first hospital staff was ready to rush baby to a specialist,

but then….

A nurse flashed a light in his mouth,

after about 30 seconds of looking, she said ‘That’s a sticker,’”

recalled the mom, who initially contested the diagnosis and insisted it was a hole.

But the nurse simply put her finger in his mouth and hooked it out.

Mom says “I laughed, was shaking and so embarrassed …

she would have hugged the nurse

had it not been forbidden by COVID-19 safety rules.

Full story and you have got to see the picture!

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